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Underwater Services & Commercial Diving

Cost effective alternative for Underwater Services & Commercial Diving

If you are crossing the Panama Canal, please consider the following services available:

  • Under water Hull Scraping.
  • Under water Seachest Cleaning.
  • Under water Propeller Polishing.
  • Diving Inspection & Survey.
  • Under water drilling, welding, cutting, blanking & sealing.

Now offering robotic inspection services for vessels, without delaying their schedule.

Variety of Services Available

  • Most type of detailed Inspections: Level I GVI, Level II GVI+CP, Level III GVI+CP+WT, Level IV HD GVi & Level V Hull sonar scan.
  • Inspecting Hulls for parasitic devices.
  • Tank Inspections, Fresh Water + Ballast.
  • Inspect confined spaces or radioactive and contaminated water.
  • Cleaning propellers, rudders and hulls.
  • Assistance in diving operations. (LIM).

GVI: General visual inspection
CP: Catholic Protection test
WT: Wall Thickness measurements
HD: High Definition Video

Certifications for Underwater

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