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Superintendency & Project Management


Maritime Technical Superintendency is a no-nonsense service provided for the maritime industry, specialized in ship-repair and modification. Unity Maritime Services is a new alternative in the local market, and we are focused on saving valuable time and money to our customers by arranging the following:

  • Vessel Inspection for Drydock.
  • Preliminary Work List for Drydock.
  • Preliminary Planning for Drydock.
  • Internal Plates, Brackets & Profiles.
  • Technical Specification and Conclusions.

For Afloat and Shipyards Repairs

  • Coordinate Daily Technical and Financial Reports.
  • Sourcing out Man Power with a wide experience in repair and maintenance, as well as underwater repairs. Available personnel is qualified and trained to work at different areas such as: surface preparation, steel & pipe works, insulation jobs, mechanic repairs, electrical maintenance, fiber glass repairs, etc.
  • Keep the repair within the original costs and timeframe.
  • Identify and prioritize additional jobs.

The full Project Management assignment includes but is not limited to, Feasibility study, Class Requirement Identification, Engineering Control, Contract Negotiations, Budget Preparations, Writing/Review of Specs, Cost Control & Planning, on-site Inspection & Supervision, Technical and Financial Reporting.

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