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What We Do

Your Reliable Partner in Panama

Give us the opportunity to give you a proposal with competitive prices, good quality and assured delivery. We have personnel qualified to respond to any request with the efficiency and integrity that you expect. We are truly committed to having our clients 100% satisfied when work is complete and to have a continued long-term relationship with your company.

Afloat Repairs

We have a dedicated staff and a reliable network of contractors, suppliers and service providers at your service.

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Superintendency & Project Management

Maritime Technical Superintendency is a no-nonsense service provided for the maritime industry, specialized in ship-repair and modification.

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Cargo Crane & Gangway Load Test

All the bags are new, certified and ready to be used. The available equipment includes 1 bag of 12.5 Ton and 2 bags of 35 Ton.

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Underwater Services

Cost effective alternatives for Underwater Services and Commercial Diving

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Ship Shupplies

We are dedicated to provide our customers with a high standard of quality at competitive prices.

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Products for Wholesale

We have available the distribution of a variety of products with a high rotation for Husbandry Service Companies at the local market.

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