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We are an initiative dedicated to promoting solutions for the Maritime Industry, using technological tools together with a deep understanding of the market needs, giving customers new and affordable alternatives. The company was founded and is actively supervised by the Benavides family who are the original founders and leaders of what used to be the largest contractor for the Maritime Sector in Panama, with a scope that included a Panamax Shipyard, dry-dock repairs, afloat repairs, commercial diving services, specialized contractors and ship chandlering.

UNITY has built a large network of local vendors and contractors in Panama, all duly certified and recognized and, as a group, have provided them with coaching and supervision to perform their tasks at the highest levels, which is what our customers expect. We have surrounded ourselves with professionals of the industry and have allowed them to exercise their craft, whether it is steel repairs, mechanical repairs, electrical repairs, chandlering, dry-dock services, etc. but under the management and supervision of UNITY. This allows us to give customers lower prices by going straight to the source, but with a top-notch customer experience, by providing all documentations and client relationship that they expect from a giant of the industry. Rest assured, our mentality, is the one of giants in the industry.

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